Troubleshooting and FAQ's

If you have some questions about heating or cooling or want some information about you unit, before you make a phone call, have a browse through our Frequently Asked Questions. The answer my be there. Click on the heading below to open the answer.

Where do Airazona Coolers work best?

Area A - Optimum for Evaporative Coolers
Area B - Less than ideal, but still optional.
Area C - Areas not recommended for Evaporative Coolers

What is Evaporative Cooling?

Evaporative Cooling draws fresh air from outside your home, filters it, cools it and then circulates it through your home, forcing out hot, stale air through open doors and windows.

What are the advantages of Evaporative Cooling?

Circulates only fresh, clean air
Gentle on noses, eyes and skin
Reduces the spread of air-borne infections
Provides relief to allergy and asthma sufferers
Indoor plants thrive
Up to 50% cheaper to buy and install than comparable ducted refrigerated units
Up to 80% cheaper to run

How often and when should I clean my Airazona unit?

We recommend cleaning your Airazona unit once in the middle of the year and again at the end of the summer.  It is best to use clean fresh water when cleaning out the unit.  The recommend process for cleaning your unit is set out in the Owner’s Manual.  If your unit operates in areas with harsh water, you may need additional cleaning throughout the year.

How much energy does Evaporative Cooling save versus a refrigerated system?

An Airazona Evaporative Cooler uses approximately one quarter of the electrical energy required versus a refrigerated system.

Do I need to have my windows open when my Airazona unit is running?

Always ensure that there is an open window or door through which the air can exhaust. This constant air exchange is essential and a major benefit provided by Airazona fresh air cooling.  
(Do not open doors or windows on the windward side of the home).

How long will my pads last?

The life of your pads will depend on many different variables such as the quality of the water used as well of how often they are cleaned.  On average our pads will last between 2 in areas of very poor water quality and up to every few years in areas of better water quality.

What is the warranty on my Airazona unit?

All Airazona units come with a two year warranty on all parts and a lifetime cabinet corrosion warranty.

Is this bleed off required or can it be restricted?

The bleed off rate is set in the factory to allow for optimum performance of the pads and the unit.  It can be restricted to minimize the flow but this will shorten the life of the pads.

How quiet are Airazona units?

The specially designed axial fans and 2 motor system, one for the fan and one for the pump, ensure minimum noise and maximum cooling performance even on low speed.